A song sheet editor.

Songs lets you quickly capture the essense of your chord arrangement for a song by adding chord voicings to song lyrics. In a few clicks, add or change chord diagrams. Drag and drop diagrams to copy or move them to a different location. Songs plays the notes as you enter the chords and automatically suggests chord names and fingerings. When you are done, make a beautiful print out or export to PDF.

Key Features

  • rich text formatting
  • add a chord diagram above any character
  • add or edit a chord by clicking on the diagram
  • auto suggested chord names and fingerings
  • smart word hyphenation to fit diagrams
  • chord and notes playback with realistic guitar sound
  • drag and drop diagrams to move and copy them as you edit
  • very high quality print outs (see our website for PDF samples)
  • zoomed in editing (useful when creating song sheets for small sizes)