a song sheet editor and
composition aid

Songs lets you quickly capture the essense of your chord arrangement for a song by adding chord voicings to song lyrics. In a few clicks, add or change chord diagrams. Drag and drop diagrams to copy or move them to a different location. Songs plays the notes as you enter the chords and automatically suggests chord names and fingerings. When you are done, make a beautiful print out or export to PDF.

Songs also has a composition module (an in-app purchase) that helps compose a song or create an arrangement. It includes Chord Finder and Chord Reference with more tools to be added over time.

Add chord voicings to song lyrics

  • - add a chord diagram above any charactert
  • - smart word hyphenation to fit diagrams
  • - drag and drop diagrams to move and copy them
  • - very high quality print outs
  • - add or edit a chord by clicking on the diagram
  • - auto suggested chord names and fingerings
  • - chord playback with realistic guitar sound
  • - zoomed in editing

Find the right chords
(in-app purchase)

  • - order and filter chords to get to the right voicing quickly
  • - find chords with specific notes or scale degrees
  • - choose from the list of chords as you type your search
  • - play the chords on your Mac
  • - copy any chord diagram into another program
  • - set capo and alternate tunings

Pick the best chord in context
(in-app purchase)

Command-Option-click on a chord in the Editor to start the search in Chord Finder.

Pick the right chord filter and order. Then go back to the Editor and use the arrow keys to go through the chords in Chord Finder and try how they sound in the chord progression inside the Editor.